About Reflex

Reflex is a leader in the design and manufacture of composites products for a wide range of industries. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand we operate from two of the countries most modern and specialised manufacturing facilities

The Marine Division has been designing and building our “Reflex” pleasure boats since the 1970’s, and through our unique 20 year relationship with Australia’s leading trailer boat manufacturer, The Haines Group, we also build a selection Haines Signature pleasure craft specifically for the New Zealand market.

Our Industrial Division manufactures specialised fibreglass and composite products like bus parts swimming pools, kiosks and even replica aircraft. Most of the Industrial division customers incorporate our products into their own product.

We are probably one of the few companies involved in fibreglass in New Zealand who can claim to have some of our own work in such diverse countries as France, China and even Russia.

Our company is not afraid of tackling something new or different. Our philosophy is to do whatever it takes to provide a solution for our customer.

Our reputation has been earnt through sheer hard work over a long period and will not be sacrificed by lowering our quality standards.

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