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Reflex 685
The Chianti 635, a large volume full beam boat that offers outstanding stability, performance and space. With a beam of 2.5m the 635 is arguably one of the widest boats of its size. This transfers to outstanding stability at rest and the ability to plane at speeds as low as eight knots.
$0 (NZD)
What to do when your customers demand a big brother to our award winning Chianti 515? Simple really, listen to the customer and set the design team the task of creating a bigger boat which retains all the features that made the 515 so successful.
$0 (NZD)
The Chianti 530 is a delight that goes far beyond obvious good looks, immensely strong construction, and positive floatation. It is designed as a Kiwi boat with American glitz and Italian performance. A hybrid of design that is unique.
$0 (NZD)
Stylish and yet very practical, the Reflex 450R is the truly do anything, go anywhere runabout that will keep the whole family happy at a truly affordable price. And it’s so easy to manage both on and off the multi roller trailer and economically tows behind the average family car and stores in the average garage!
$0 (NZD)
The new 2011 model of the Reflex Chianti 485 is yet another leap forward in design and continues with the innovation already enjoyed by owners of its larger siblings, the 515, 585 and 635. This easy handling boat is big enough for some serious fishing, a great little ski boat and a snazzy little day cruiser.
$0 (NZD)
The Reef Runner is new for 2011 and is a fishing machine with a ‘proper’ walk around. While the walk around will be the most dominant feature on this new model the list of features really does set this fantastic new model apart from the crowd...Read more
$0 (NZD)
The very latest edition to the very successful range of Reflex boats is the all new design Reflex 705 Hard Top.
The Reef Runner Hardtop like the open top is a fishing weapon with a ‘proper’ walk around and a list of features that really does set this fantastic new hull apart from the crowd.
With the addition of the new 705 Hard Top we have added a sports addition to the growing range of Reflex boats using it's award winning hull design.