About the Boat

Reflex Products was established in Christchurch in 1974 and is a company that has extensive experience in designing and building fibreglass boats.

In 1999 the Chianti 515 was launched, followed in 2000 with the Chianti 615, and in 2002 the latest model (Chianti 485). The first two models are well proven in every respect and have both won significant boat show awards. The Chianti 485 represents another leap forward in small boat technology and Reflex are confident that this boat will match its larger siblings in terms of outstanding performance, quality and customer acceptance.

All Chianti boats are built to exceed CPC standards with five year hull warranties and 'PuFF' polyurethane foam filled buoyancy as standard.

Reflex set themselves some challenging goals with the Chianti range of boats including:

  • Leading, quality construction, with focus on ensuring long life and safety.
  • All round functionality, including cruising. fishing, diving & skiing. (In other words a boat for every purpose)
  • Maximum possible working areas and storage in both cabin & cockpit.
  • Outstanding hanging, ride and stability at rest.

Reflex have developed a unique unitary construction system for their 515 & 615 Chianti range.

The carefully engineered hand laid laminate of the Chianti hull is immensely strong and is stiffened with a specially designed liner, which incorporates stringers, floor bins & side braces in one virtually indestructible unit. The two components are chemically bonded together using a methacrylate adhesive which produces a bond stronger than the fiberglass itself.

The resulting internal cavities are then injected under immense pressure, with high density, closed cell polyurethane foam resulting in a structure which is tremendously strong, stiff and outstandingly quiet through the water.