The Chianti Difference

Split Bowrails

Not all bow rails are created equal, and it's not really until you have used a Reflex that you can completely appreciate versatility and strength of our split bowrails. Our bowrails are built using heavier grade stainless steel to provide extra strength and resilience should that berthing maneuver not go, quite as planned. In such an event the bowrail will cushion the impact of boat and wharf thereby reducing the chance of damaging your prized new possession. The real benefit of the split bowrail comes when you are trying to either get on or off the boat over the bow. If all your boating is done where you have access to a jetty this may not be a problem, however if you like to pull your boat up on the beach or the side of the lake you will instantly appreciate the split bowrail, as trying to climb over a continuous bowrail is both difficult, hazardous and not much fun to either climb over yourself or lift the kids over. Of you are in any doubt, give it a go!

Dome-out Carpets

Convert your comfortable family cruiser into a fishing machine by simply popping the carpet off it's domes and leaving it at home. You are now free to enjoy the day fishing without the stress of wondering how you are going to get the fishy bits and smells out of the carpet. Simply hose it out, let it dry, dome the carpet back in and you have kept your boat in mint condition. The best of both worlds!


Our specially moulded seat cushions with high density reinforced foam provides both outstanding lateral support and comfort while the reinforcing ensures they hold their shape for years to come ensuring your ongoing boating comfort.

Gunwhale Beading

All Reflex boats are fitted with a unique extruded plastic beading which is virtually indestructible. This protective strip with optional colour infill will endure a much greater pounding than standard rubber mouldings.

PuFF (Polyurethane foam filled)

While still in the mould, special cavities within the hull are pressure injected with high density polyurethane foam. This non absorbent material provides positive buoyancy, added strength and an outstanding quiet ride. Don't be fooled by imitations, make sure you get pressure injected PuFF.


Our use of the bet materials and construction methods ensures that your investment. Feel free to check out the second hand market to see how well your investment will hold it's value. There is a generally a steady demand for well looked after, late model Chianti's.

What is CPC

CPC is an assurance of quality established by the Boating Industry Association to protect the consumer with a minimum level of specifications on new boats. All CPC rated boats are supplied with the following standard features - minimum 2 year hull structure warranty, navigation lights, bilge pump, battery cut off switch, electrical switch panel, fuel system and a maximum horse power rating.