Our Customers

So far we have told you little about Reflex the company & Chianti the boat.

Now we get to the most important part of the story. The customer! If we are going to succeed as a manufacturer and as a marketer, then we absolutely must be customer focused. By listening carefully to feedback, changing and modifying we are able to ensure continuous improvement.

In line with this fundamental marketing philosophy, we recently conducted a major survey of all Chianti owners.

Allow us to share some of the results:

Main Purchasing influences:

  • Spouse/partners opinion
  • Reputable boat dealers
  • Previous own boat experience
  • Boat shows
  • Opinions of friends/associates
  • Manufacturers publications.

Use boat for:

  • Family outing
  • Cruising & sightseeing
  • Skiing & diving
  • Overnight(predominately in Chianti 615)

Strong message being that Chianti boats appeal because of their versatility and ability to cater for all round family recreational uses.

Owners consistently ranked the following Chianti features higher than other boats.

Storage space, seating, passenger carrying, low maintenance, vice free handling, dry ride, safe, stability at rest, versatile, appearance, large cockpit size, quality build, functionality and structural strength.