About the Boat

The cornerstone of the Signature range of boats is the hull and what happens when the boat meets the water. In this regard Haines have patented the Signature Deadrise Hull "SVDH" This world patented technology offers unique advantages over the traditional vee bottom hull which will both save you money and enhance your enjoyment when out on the water. The Signature Variable Deadrise Hull "SVDH" gives real stability at rest compared to other deep vee hulls and lower planing speeds for a flatter, safer, drier, more economical ride. The hull design has another unique feature, the way the hull manipulates the water. Water flows over the warped hull created by the concave section and as water cannot be compressed it creates enormous amounts of lift. Enough lift to obtain planing speeds as low as 4.5 knots on even the longest models.

This all adds up to less power being required to achieve the same performance of other hulls resulting in a reduced initial purchase price and monetry saving every time you go out on the water through lower fuel costs.

The benefits don't stop there as the low planing speed makes towing water toys with the kids a breeze and should you get caught out in the rough you will not be constantly fighting the throttle trying to find that balance between keeping the plane but not going too fast for the conditions. The Signature Variable Deadrise Hull "SVDH" ensures your boat will be just as happy in a following sea as in a head or quartering sea.

The innovation doesn't stop with the hull, it just starts there. The hull takes care of the business, the rest of the boat takes care of you and your families comfort. The whole package is bound together by superior construction materials and methods that have stood the test of time and are continually under scrutiny for improvement.

Another significant feature is the use of PuFF (Polyurethane foam filled) in all Signature models. While still in the mould, special cavities within the hull are pressure injected with high density polyurethane foam. This non absorbant material provides positive bouyancy, added strength and an outstandingly quiet ride. Don't be fooled by immitations, make sure you get pressure injected PuFF.