Haines Signature 580br

Haines Signature 580br Boat Test
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By Freddy Foote

The Right Formula

Released in 2006, the Haines Signature 580BR is the style of boat that fits perfectly into the buying market of Australia, where the boat is designed, but also here in New Zealand, where it is manufactured under licence by Reflex Products. Freddy Foote took the 580BR for a test, and found it to be a boat that is ideal for kiwi summer boating.

The Haines Signature 580BR is one of the bigger models in the range, with only the 600BR being longer. Incidentally the 600BR, while not generally retailed here by the New Zealand dealers, is available by special order from Australia and at least one has been sold to a South island customer.
This particular boat is the demo boat for Haines Suzuki in New Zealand, and is rigged with a DF150 Suzuki four-stroke, as have been most of the 580BRs sold to date, although some have been fitted with a DF175 when the go fast factor was required. I think that The Haines Group have it really sorted when it comes to layout design and finish. Nearly all of the Haines Group’s boats that I have seen, whether on dealers’ yards, out on the water, or boat shows, certainly look great and have all the creature comforts, yet are eminently suited to the kiwi and aussie boatie.

The rear portofino provides an elevated boarding platform on either side of the motor and is complemented with a boarding platform on the port side. A small step-thru door is also built in on this side, and is accessed by lifting the latch and pulling the door inwards. Seating is most comfortable, not only for the driver, but also for the passengers. Aft, a large bench seat is a prominent feature, and gives good lumbar support along the back edge. Storage space is located underneath in the form of a large moulded GRP bin. This can be easily removed, if you want to free up the cockpit for fishing for instance.
The helm and port passenger seat are in the form of two snug low-slung pedestal seats, which are adjustable forward and back, as well as being able to swivel. A large cavernous storage locker is available under the floor immediately between the helm and passenger seat. Further storage space is available by the side pockets located on each side of the cockpit. Immediately in front of the passenger seat is an ice-box for keeping the essentials cold on those summer boating trips, and above that is the Clarion CD player.

The 580BR has a true accent on entertainment; this is most evident with the addition of the picnic table. The table can be secured in place either in the bow, or in the cockpit where there is a mounting plate just behind the helm seat. Forward in the bow, there is plenty of seating for those who might want the wind in their hair, complete with handrails, four cup holders and two Clarion speakers. More storage space is available under the bow seating. Also situated forward is the large anchor locker, complimented with a flush-mounted cleat and bowsprit. Access to the bow is via the walkthrough in the curved windscreen. A low profile bimini top was a nice feature. It was well constructed and didn’t make any noises while we were underway. Sure, it’s quite low, and you have to duck your head when moving under it, but anything higher wouldn’t look right in proportion to the boat’s low profile and sleek lines.

Sure Performer

Test day conditions were brilliant, a few clouds providing a bit of protection from the sun and a calm Auckland harbour only revealing a slight ripple across the water’s surface, and a gentle 10-15 knot breeze blowing from the southwest. As far as hull design goes, it is quite widely known that the Haines Group has pretty much got it right for quite a while now. However, John Haines Snr continues to make slight modifications here and there to fine tune things. As expected, the boat performed without fault, doing everything right. Up and over the 5000rpm rev range, it likes about three-quarter trim, where the boat gets up and sits on the ski plank and literally just carves through the chop.
This particular boat was rigged with a Suzuki 150hp four-stroke outboard, giving it a top speed of 46.5mph. While the boat is rated for engines as small as 115hp, the 150hp engine was pretty much ideally suited to the hull and performed exceedingly well. The hull is rated for up to 175hp. We ran the boat with a 175hp engine fitted and found its top speed increased to 52.0mph. Incidentally, our test boat with the 150hp engine was swinging a 15” x 21” stainless propeller, while when fitted with the 175hp engine it was running a 14 ¾” x 23” pitch 3-blade stainless.

The driving position was most comfortable, with the driver being able to sit down low below the windscreen profile and being quite well protected from the wind. Even with my relative height (6’1”) I was able to sit and drive most comfortably, with my feet resting down under the helm itself against a small bulkhead/footrest. The steering wheel is also adjustable. Traditionally with bowriders I’ve always felt the need to be able to sit higher in order to be able to view a little bit further ahead. However, with the 580BR I didn’t really feel the need to. I still had plenty of visibility forward, and with the ride that the 580 hull gives, I didn’t see that my lower back was going to get punished.

Fuel Consumption

As the boat belongs to Haines Suzuki New Zealand, we were able to download all of the engine data from the time it had been launched as new, including our boat test, and see how much time had been spent in each 1000-rpm band.
Here is a breakdown of the time spent in each engine rev band:

0-1000rpm: 226 minutes
1000-2000rpm: 78 minutes
2000-3000rpm: 8 minutes
3000-4000rpm: 90 minutes
4000-5000rpm: 68 minutes
5000-6000rpm: 26 minutes
Total operation time = 8 hours 16 minutes

The fuel tank was filled to capacity (150 litres) before the boat was first launched, and no fuel was added until after the test, when we managed to put 103.86 litres in. The average fuel consumption was therefore 12.6 litres per hour. Admittedly, the number of minutes spent in the 0-1000rpm band seems disproportionately large (a day’s trout fishing). Assuming an average consumption in this rev band of 2 litres per hour, if we reduced this time by 3 hours, the average consumption would increase only to 18.6 litres per hour. The message is clear – fuel consumption is not a major concern if you keep out of the 5000-6000rpm rev range!


The Haines Signature 580BR is best described as a true sports boat, it’s well spec’d with top quality fittings and upholstery. Also of note is that its all comes pretty much as standard apart from the stereo which is an upgradeable feature, the ski pole, picnic table and bimini top.
Essentially the Haines Group has given the kiwi and aussie boat buyer a package appropriate for family orientated boating – it’s an absolute winner.


Model: Haines Signature 580BR
Price as Tested: $74,995
Designer: John Haines Sr, AM
Material: GRP
Type: Bowrider
LOA: 5.95m
Beam: 2.30m
Deadrise: 33-21 Degree Variable Deadrise
Hull Configuration: monohull
Trailerable Weight: 1600kg
Height on Trailer: 2.10m
Engine Capacity: 115-175hp
Power Options: Outboard
Fuel Capacity: 150 litres


650 rpm 1.5mph
1000rpm 4.0mph
1500rpm 6.0mph
2000rpm 7.5mph
2500rpm 10.0mph
3000rpm 14.5mph
3500rpm 23.0mph
4000rpm 28.0mph
4500rpm 34.0mph
5000rpm 37.5mph
5500rpm 41.0mph
6100rpm 46.5mph
Speeds recorded on a Lowrance GPS
and rounded off to the nearest 1/2 mph.

Notable Standard Equipment

Swim steps and ss boarding ladder, pop-up cleats, transom door and swim platforms, hydraulic steering and tilt helm, premium seats and pedestals, swivel and slide adjustable, bilge pump, nav. lights, fire extinguishers.

Notable Options on test Boat
Clarion stereo with 6 speakers, ski pole, picnic table with two floor mounts, bimini top with ss bows and water toy carrier, carbon fibre effect interior upgrade.


Make: Suzuki
Model: DF150
Horsepower: 150
Cyl. Config: In-Line 4
Max rpm: 6100
Propeller: 15”x21” Stainless


Make: Mudgway
Model: 6000
Braked: Yes
Multi Rollers: Yes
Std Equipment: Jockey wheel


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