Our Customers

So far we have told you a little about the Haines family, Reflex and Haines Signature, the boat. Now we get to the most important part of our story, The customer! If we are going to succeed as a manufacturer and as a marketer we absolutely must be consumer focused, and listen well and carefully to feedback and then change, modify, improve and build on this feedback.

In line with this fundamental marketing philosophy we recently surveyed all our New Zealand Haines Signature owners. Allow us to share some of the results.

What were the main purchasing influences'

Haines Connection / History 93%
Spouse / Partner Opinions 71%
Reputable boat dealer 67%
Previous boat owner experience 57%
Boat Shows 53%
Friends / Associates Opinions 46%
Boating Magazines 43%

What were the boats predominantly used for'

Family outings, Cruising & Sightseeing, Skiing, Diving and Fishing

What makes their Signature boats better than other brands'

Stability at rest, low planing speed, seating, handling, dry soft ride, appearance, build quality, dealer back-up and after sales service.