The Reflex Connection

Reflex Products was established in Christchurch in 1974 and is a company that has extensive experience in designing and building fibreglass boats. In addition to the boat building business Reflex are heavily involved in designing and manufacturing a large range of other products including bus, campervan and aircraft parts, truck componentry and other large structural items.

Reflex are able to utilise their broad composite engineering expertise from all these activities and this coupled with their skilled work force has enabled them to grow into the second largest manufacturer of trailerable fibreglass boats in New Zealand, with strong asperations to capture the number one position over the next year or two.

Reflex teamed up with John Haines in 1987 to build "Haines Signature" boats under contract. By 1990 Reflex products had secured the full manufacturing and distribution rights for "Haines Signature" boats in New Zealand.

By combining Reflex experience and expertise in manufacturing fibreglass boats with the legendary design skills of John Haines you can be assured of getting a boat thats performance and quality of build is absolutely superb.

It is important to keep in mind that Reflex are not just utilising the Haines name, they are using Haines technology which is constantly tested, reviewed and kept current under an ongoing business partnership licence to manufacture agreement.