Haines Signature

A beautiful trailerable weekend cruiser from the Haines family. The Haines Signature 670c is absolutely a boat apart. Featuring John Haines patented Variable Deadrise Hull the 670c delivers the softest surest ride with outstanding stability at rest.
$79,340 (NZD)
From the drawing board of the legendary John Haines and refined for New Zealand conditions by the Reflex design team, comes the all new 600 RF. This dedicated fishing boat is as sophisticated as it gets, with the SVDH giving performance which is oceans ahead of traditional deep vee hull designs.
$65,311 (NZD)
Needing that extra space while retaining manageable size, the 600C has been specifically designed to offer you the optimum 6 metre family cruiser. The stylish looks combine practicality, comfort, safety and economy which all begin under the waterline with the SVDH.
$65,311 (NZD)
Bowriders by their nature are sports boats. What defines the perfect bowrider is all part and parcel of the 580BR. It starts with it's sexy looks, the colour accents and the shear pleasure a boat like this delivers.
$64,995 (NZD)
Boat of the Show - "All Purpose Under 6m" - 2010 Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show Take one of New Zealand’s most popular boats. add more space, more standard features and the result is the new Haines Signature 553C. Whether it’s fishing, water sports or just cruising with friends and family the 553C is a truly universal craft.
$51,828 (NZD)
This mid size cruiser delivers the ride you would expect from a much larger boat. Whether it's a day on the lake with the family or a fishing trip with a few friends to spot X, miles from shore, you can boat with confidence knowing the ride of the SVDH will get you home in comfort.
$45,995 (NZD)
The merging of the open bow rider deck and the proven 550 hull is a winning formula with the stylish good looks generating lots of interest and no shortage of friends wanting to join you for a days boating. Fortunately for them the open bow, has that extra space with luxurious seating and back rests.
$50,247 (NZD)
The Haines Signature 580BR just got a little brother. When you see a boat as beautiful as this it's no wonder the pulse quickens.
$48,995 (NZD)
A compact cuddy cruiser which delivers awesome performance and arguably the softest ride for any boat of it's size. The world patented SVDH design gives you the same performance of a similar sized vee bottom hull but with a smaller motor.
$42,845 (NZD)