Bridge Safety Screens - Auckland Rail Electrification Project

Reflex is currently manufacturing the bridge safety screens for the Auckland rail electrification project. Around 70 bridges across Auckland will be retro fitted with these screens as part of the $500m project.

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Fibrebase - Composite Modular Flooring

The Fibrebase Flooring System is a composite insulated modular flooring system incorporating surface finish and structural elements in a single moulded step.

This high performance system is prefabricated as an offsite manufactured component of the build process that will provide expedited delivery of housing units at lower capital cost and has significant advantages over traditional structural flooring systems that are generally used in pre-fabricated construction.

Key Features:

• Lightweight and easily transportable yet extremely strong and durable with a high tensile strength.
• Fits all current wall framing systems such as timber framing, steel or sandwich panel systems.
• Excellent insulation properties as it employs a high quality foam inner core which is fire resistant
• Modular design will accommodate just about any floor plan layout.
• Fast and easy assembly onsite of off
• Provides the ability to optionally build dwellings offsite then transport the completed dwelling to site.
• Waterproof, vermin proof and non-corrosive.
• Almost zero porosity which compared to timber means mold less likely to become established and spread
• Quality controlled manufacturing, designed and made in Australia and New Zealand
• Low embodied energy rating, with under 1kg of carbon emissions produced for every 1kg of finished product

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Fibreglass Chimney

Reflex are experts in manufacturing replacement fibreglass chimney's We have "off the shelf" models and can be custom build to replace those that were damaged in the Christchurch earth quake.

The Reflex chimney is light weight, strong and eaisly secured to the building

Using CAD and CNC technology custom built chimney's can be built as an exact replica of the chimney that is being replaced.

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Fibreglass Swimming Pools and Fibreglass Pool Tanking

Reflex manufacture a range of custom fibreglass swimming pools.We can also install fibreglass tanking to repair earthquake damaged swimming pools in Christchurch.Reflex are insurance company approved to provide swimming pool repairs and we are happy to provide free quotes. 

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Shop Fittings

Ceiling dome for Sterling sports stores fit out by Hall Shop fitters.

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Outdoor Seating

Robust and built to last Reflex built outdoor seating designed by Valentine Tinc for the Sylvia Park shopping centre in Auckland.

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ICE Wall

Artificial Ice Wall with LED back lighting at Franz Pools

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Hagley band rotunda

Reflex met the challenge of structurally reinforcing the iconic band rotunda by custom moulding pillars that both looked historically correct, and that would last for decades to come.

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"Clock Tower" cellphone tower

This project entailed building a clock tower edifice to cover an existing cellphone tower.

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Nelson water tank roof

Our brief was to design, construct, and erect a composite cover for one of Nelson city’s water supply holdings tanks. The tank is sited high above Nelson with limited access, where the old metal cover had deteriorated beyond repair. The new cover was constructed using flat fibreglass polyester sheets bonded to box section fibreglass members. The “pie slice” sections were manufactured in two parts at our Christchurch plant and then transported to Nelson. These were then lifted by crane into position and secured by stainless steel fasteners and polyurethane adhesive in an underslung position.

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Artistic interpretation

Product designer Valentine Tinc created this seat and Reflex took his dream from concept to finished creation.The final result is a high end piece of furniture as a work of art that recently won a design award.

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Christchurch International Airport

Reflex took over a contract to manufacture and install fire resistant and low smoke emission tapered composite covers to protect the large I section steel roof beams. These covers are dual purpose; firstly to provide a fire rating, and secondly as an aesthetic addition. They were made in 4 metre sections to simplify handling and installation.

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